Upcoming Bollywood movie “Hyderabadi Damaad” irks Sania?
An upcoming Bollywood film has supposedly angered Sania Mirza, which she thinks, after going through a painful media ordeal in the process of her wedding, yet another blatant intrusion in her private life.

The tennis star is reportedly very unhappy with the producers of “Hyderabadi Damaad”, a film, which is based on the real life controversy surrounding the marriage of Sania Mirza with cricketer Shoaib Malik. It will also discuss the story of Sania’s engagement with Sohrab Mirza.

What has angered the Indian tennis icon is the fact that the producers did not even bother to inform her before starting work on the project.

Sania Mirza has however made it clear that she is not happy about the project. She has gone on board saying that she will want the director and everyone associated with the film to make a clear announcement that “Hyderabadi Damaad” is not based on her real life events.

Sania has every right to live a peaceful conjugal life—isn’t the producer, director and writer of this movie should have taken every care of not disturbing her peace by making much obvious giving it a name “Hyderabadi Damaad”.
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Pakistan achieved nuclear power, and thats the truth. The question of 'how' can be posed for India also. Comparison is done between things, which have a doubt of being similar. Our leaders d Pakistan, with the grace of Allah, because we are and will always be different from India. I don't need to compare India and Pakistan. The freedom that Indian muslims enjoy is again visible, words cannot describe it!!!! We are living in a separate Muslim state, and follow our religion. Thats our freedom, Mr Verma. The internal problems are faced by every country. I bet India has some ethnic issues too. I rather not mention them again. People in India are not living in heaven either. Terrorism is a global phenomenon, and pakistan is doing a lot for it. Pakistan is a growing nation. It started from scratch unlike India. India is 3 times bigger than Pakistan. Why are comparing the two?? And as far as Pakistan is concerned, we'll be there. Inshallah!!!! And who said we are frustrated?? And you said you are not against Pakistan. There is nothing in this world, which permanent, except Allah. Pakistan will prosper!!! Watch out !!!! I hope the number of poor people in India reduces also and the prosperity, you claim, you have achieved can also reach them.
A KHAN  [Lahore] Comments Date : Sunday, July 11, 2010
Mr Khan-- I am not against Pakistan anymore, but you can't ignore truth there is no comprision between india and pakistan except Pakistan's nuclear capability. And everyone knows how pakistan achived it. As far is indian muslims are concerned, they are enjoying more liberty than you experience in your muslim country. On other day, i read an article on anti- muslim leadership, which swept the eletions in Netherland, in reaction you guys from pakistan making noise. How you can critcise others, when non-muslims living on line of fire in muslim countries. Even you can't protect your own people from ethenic violence. And about US aid we don't want it any more, you know very well we are the third largest economy of the world and whole world admired it and for your kind of information we are in G-20 nations and pakistan no where around it. So don't frustate by indian progress, do somethig for your PPP (Permanent poor Pakistan) HAVE FUN BUDDY!
Manoj Verma  [New delhi] Comments Date : Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Mr. Manoj, Sania is an Indian and can remian an Indian for as long as she likes. We are not dying to label her as a Pakistani. As far as Shoaib is concerned, he can become an Indian too. Its his choice. If he thinks he can get respect in India, let him try. You have all the rights to criticize Pakistan for terrorism, in which India can equally be accused of- but we don't. We cannot blame India for true hardcore facts like Gujrat and Kashmir. Thats a little unfair. At least give the liberty to Indian muslims to decide whether they are free and happy or not. You cannot deny India filling its appetite from US aid as well. India was an established federation, at the time of independence. It even had UN membership. Pakistan had to start from scratch. We didn't even get our fair share from India. Even then, we are a nuclear power. Nuclear powers ar not failed nations. We contribute to the world, even more than US does. We have served this world with our blood. Even US cannot fight this battle alone, but we are. Unlike India, who does nothing and just cries and screams. We know what India is and how much Mr. Manoj has done for it. Even you can't comment on Pakistan, becouse you have done nothing useful for your country either!!
A Khan  [LAHORE] Comments Date : Monday, June 28, 2010
Well i guess interfering in some one's life is a morally weak practice. If they are stars, we should be proud of them and not crticize their personal life....no movies of such type be made in either of the countries!! Thats the narrow-mindedness of the people!! Good luck to them for a happy life ahead.
maryam metla  [lahore] Comments Date : Wednesday, June 23, 2010
Manoj you are clearly caught scratching your white-wash. Not finding time to capitalize properly is enough proof of your pouncing-pole. Your thumping chest on India's "best and most enviable" Human Rights score is known to the world because of 70% of Indians being "Scheduled Caste Untouchables", living inhuman lives. Changing their classification in Indian Constitution from "Untouchables" to "Dalits" is no any genetic alteration. They can never become equal and rub shoulders with Brahmans. Now, your talk about Pakistan---just imagine your rights already demonstrated by Pakistani media, which published your post here. You know enough how your media treats posts from Pakistani contributors and filthy nonsense they proudly publish, in the name of "freedom of expression", in the one-sided posts from Indian bloggers without giving any right to response to Pakistani bloggers. What a fair-minded justice in blatant display!
M.Saeed  [Islamabad] Comments Date : Saturday, June 12, 2010
Rabiya, you are talking about rights of the people in india, you pakistanis are far behind from indians in every aspect of life. You will realize this, when shoaib malik accepts indian citizenship and your kind of information Sania is INDIAN and will remain indian. Other thing, plz don't raise the issue of Gujrat & kashmir, indian muslims are more happy and free than you. India is a liberal nation, not like pakistan, which has no identity in world forum except terror, US aid to fulfill your appetite etc. What you given to the world in science and technology, what contribution pakistan made in world economy. I can understand your feeling as a citizen of 'failed nation". So do something good for your pakistan, then comment on india and indian society.
Manoj verma  [New Delhi] Comments Date : Saturday, June 12, 2010
Since India does not realize the rights of a woman and her privacy, then obviously Pakistan will have to intervene and tell the producers of the movies how "a movie should be made." ALso India is no different in realizing rights of minorities from Pakistan, if that is the case. The handling of Kashmir, Gujrat etc are examples of how tactfully India has preserved the rights of minorities....not. So stop commenting on Pakistan for issues in which India is no different either. And such comments are not part of this issue. Anyways, Sania is a professional, but she has all the rights to protect her privacy.
A Khan  [Lahore PAKISTAN] Comments Date : Saturday, June 12, 2010
@lucky... no we arn't going to tell your producers how to make movies... but we r teaching you how to respect others personal life....yes we are very well aware of the rights of the people of Pakistan... be they be Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians....unlike india where even the holy places are not secure... events like gujrat takes place... killing of innocent kashmiris etc.
Rabiya`  [Karachi] Comments Date : Friday, June 11, 2010
Why Sania is upset for " Hyderabadi Daamad" name for a movie , is she feeling guilty conscious, has she done anything wrong? If not, then she should not be worried "elephant walks and dogs bark" if she has done anything wrong, which is not acceptable to the society, then everybody has right to laugh and make fun of jokers.
Ateef Ahmed  [Mumbai] Comments Date : Saturday, June 05, 2010
A film producer can choose any name for his film. "Hyderabadi Daamad" is a common name, but Sania Mirza is right in saying that it should not be based on her real life events. Everybody has privacy in the life and no movie should be produced that are based on the events that happened in real life of any person, until and unless prior written permission is sought by the film producer. Sania Mirza should take up the matter in the local court of law to stop the producer for producing a film, which may become talk of the town, as it will badly affect the lives of newly wedded couple.
Syed A. Mateen  [Karachi, Pakistan] Comments Date : Thursday, June 03, 2010
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